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Do you know what you believe and why you believe it?


 Better yet, do you know how to explain  the evidence for God?


Do you know why Christianity is the only religion that has the truth? 


What if someone asked you to explain why the Bible is infallible and can be trusted? 

If you can’t answer these questions, don’t beat yourself up. Do something about it!

Classes starting January 2022!

See what some of my students said about the last class

“An hour went by so fast. I learned so much. Thank you for offering this course!”
Enjoyed the class and the video resources! I truly believe it is a class for many to consider taking or at least challenging ourselves to know the answers to the Truth
It’s unanimous: every student said they would recommend Apologetics 101 to a friend.
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A little about me

Hello!  I’m Shanda and I was raised in the church and no one taught me how to defend my faith. I thought the answer to all of these questions was, “You gotta have faith”, and if I doubted God, I felt like I was failing. If  I had questions, I thought I shouldn’t ask because that meant I didn’t have enough faith.  

I was wrong, but something was missing …. APOLOGETICS! 

If you want to learn how to defend the faith and articulate it in an appealing and winsome manner, this online class will help lay the foundation of knowledge to help build your confidence that God does exist and the evidence points to Him. Not only that, but you will be able to articulately give a defense for the faith and lead others to this irrefutable evidence. 

In this 6 week class, I will teach you how to defend:

  *Why God exists and the evidence that leads to Him      
*World religions and why Christianity is the only Truth      
*The answers to evil and moral absolutes  
*Historical Jesus and myths about the resurrection      
*NT errancy and why the Bible can be trusted 
*The laws of logic and how they apply to our belief in God

I’ve created two courses for Apologetics that you can choose from.  I always recommend taking Baseline Apologetics as a beginner course, before taking Apologetics 101. 


How does this Course work?

Each week you will be assigned a chapter of reading and given videos to watch before class  begins. This is not a bible study and it is not for people who want to be spoon fed information.  It is a way to love God with all of your mind and get equipped for the conversations society is  having and questions others are asking. 

How long is this course?

If you are tired of staying quiet when it comes to your faith because you don’t feel like you have  the answers and don’t know what to say, now is your chance to change that. It’s only 6 weeks!

What are the dates for this course?

Class dates:  

Thursdays starting January 2022 

Class time on these dates will be 9:00 am PST/12:00 pm EST OR 5:30 PST/8:30 EST 

The class will be capped at 20 students. 

How much is this online course?

We’ve made this class available for only $49.99. That’s less than $10 a week. That’s how  passionate and convinced I am that every Christian should be an apologist. 

Did you say a gift?

Upon purchasing this course, you’ll get a small promo code to use in the Her Faith Inspires Store in your welcome email. 

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Shanda Fulbright

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